Overview of Plan of Work for 2015
Conferences, Educational and Special Events 
  • Annual National Conference Health Care Purchasers as Consumers: Smart Shopping for Cost and Quality
  • Lunch and learn webinars during the year
  • Trends in Specialty Pharmacy & Oncology
  • Managing Cancer Workshop
  • Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors in Orlando
  • Annual Best of the Best program
Membership Support Programs
  • eValue8 - Pharmacy Benefit Management tool
  • Prescription Discount Card
  • Worksite Wellness Resource Kit
  • "Choosing Wisely" toolkit
  • Oncology Management toolkit
  • Specialty Pharmacy toolkit
Quality Improvement Projects
  • Specialty Pharmacy Pilot Study - adherence
  • Oncology Management - identification of high value providers
  • Cardiology Management - identification of high value providers
  • Diabetes Patient Satisfaction - pen vs vial
  • Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Change Program
  • Program Evaluation - "Parramore KidZone" - healthy communities
  • SMARTCare
Quality/Value Measurement
  • "Big Data" - identification / implementation of tool for population health management and pricing strategies for moving from volume to value
  • "Near Site" Clinic Collaboration
  • Health Care Advisory Council meetings in all markets
  • Leapfrog Regional Rollout - Hospital Safety Grade
  • NCQA/URAC/AHRQ/Bridges to Excellence collaborations
  • Hospital Quality Improvement "Wish List" 
Prior years plan of work

Updated 10/14/2016